Ocean House Sober Living

Welcome to Ocean House Sober Living

A place for men and women to heal, recover and move on to the next chapter of life



We provide a safe, comfortable and structured sober living environment for men and women to transition to a meaningful alcohol and drug free life.

Our experienced staff offer continued guidance through the 12 steps. We have walked the same walk as our Residents.

Ocean House for men is a 12,000 square foot building in the heart of Portland Maine. We are a 30 bed, fully furnished home, providing all the living necessities for men to continue their recovery: Six fully equipped kitchens with coffee and condiments, paper and cleaning products, heat, air conditioning, hot water, electricity, cable television, high speed internet, and a house phone. We also offer a house computer to work on resumes, job searches, class scheduling, etc. We have a coin laundry on premises. The house provides laundry detergent and dryer sheets. Our women's house is located in the historic West End neighborhood in Portland. It is a beautifully restored three family home built in 1914. It offers all the amenities of our men's house, all within walking distance to downtown Portland, the Old Port, and Western Promenade.



All Residents are expected to remain drug and alcohol free. Any use of drugs or alcohol will result in immediate termination of Residency. We have a zero-tolerance policy. Random drug checks are performed.

Residents are required to obtain a qualified sponsor within two weeks of arrival. Our staff members have strong relationships within Portland's vibrant recovery community and will assist Residents with sponsorship, if needed.

Residents are required to participate in the 12 steps under their qualified 12 step Sponsor.

Residents must attend a minimum of five AA, NA, or CA meetings per week.

Residents are expected to obtain work, attend school and/or volunteer at least 20 hours per week within the first 30 days of Residency.

Residents will maintain good relations with their housemates, neighbors and their community as a whole.